The kiddies

Hi all once again, after i had completed the mini session of the wonderful lady on the beach last weekend i had some spare time on my hands so I got the camera back out and got a few happy snaps of my kids. Photos like this in your own home will cost only $70.00 including travel and usb. Please note that travel only includes Hamilton and Warrnambool Victoria Australia, if you are wanting a sitting in your own home and you are outside these areas an additional travel fee of $10.00 per 10km block will apply. however if you decide to get some prints there is a discount and a further discount if you get 3 of your friends to book a sitting with me. Please also note there is a $20.00 booking fee payable upon booking or 7 days after booking to ensure your time and date you have given me cannot be booked again. the booking fee is taken off the price of the sitting so I take that as a deposit as well so all that’s left to pay would be $50.00 wich can be done $25.00 on the day of the shoot and another final payment of $25.00 on completion of the photos {In other words when you have the images in your hot little hands}


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