Another day at the beach this time in 2012!

Wow i havent been on here to update the official Tash Franko Photography blog, well here goes.

Last weekend I had the privilege to photograph this young woman at the beach, it was a splendid morning as it was going to be a scorcher of a day, what was supposed to be 30 mins at the beach taking the photos turned out to be well over an hour as both of us were having so much fun. The lady in the photos asked if she could pay a little bit extra and get the photos the same day so as i had too much fun taking the photos i felt energetic enough to edit them all in the same day as well. Now here was the catch Here at Tash Franko Photography we don’t give clients their images on a disc like all the other photographers out there do, we specialise in giving the client a usb {Depending on how many photos are to go on the usb determines the size of usb the client gets} ranging from as little as 1gb right through to the 10gb usb.

Please also note the usb is included in the photographers sitting price wich also includes editing and getting your images within 2 weeks of the photo shoot, However if you would like to do what the lady in these pictures did and get the photos the same day it will cost $90.00 in total. for a quick turn around with the work in less than one day.


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