Great Storms

Today I was going through some of the photos I have taken and I just happened to stumble upon these 3 from a recent storm we had that cause extensive flash flooding across our district. The photograph of the lightning is my all time fave as it took me the longest to do wich resulted in myself being so proud. The second one is of water droplets on my eldest child’s slide it is taken with the macro setting. Last but not least Casterton Victoria had some minor flooding so I decided to travel over and investigate for myself. See another post for a more detailed photos of the casterton minor flood scare.


Coleraine day care’s fundrasing day.


A few weeks ago now i had the opportunity to photograph lots of wonderful family’s for the Coleraine home based day care and Coleraine in venue day care for their brand new fundraiser package that i do.

Below are some of the wonderful photos that i took on the day, i loved every minute of it even if mother nature did decide not to be nice on both days. between dodging rain showers both days we managed to get some wonderful photos.

If anyone is interested in holding a photography fundraiser please get in contact with Natasha Roberts from Tash Franko Photography and we can organise a package to suit your needs.





What I’ve been doing lately

Hi all sorry once again I haven’t been updating the blog/web page I’ve been knee deep in photos to edit which I’m loving, I’m going to share some of my latest work from a mothers day photo shoot I done this weekend just gone. I’ve also been doing a pre wedding photo shoot which I will upload at a later date. Head on over to my Facebook page which I update more regularly than here to stay up to date with what’s happening. The rest of this month (May 2012) I’m fully booked but do have sessions in June available but are also filling fast.
Anyway I’ll upload the photos and get back to it (editing photos that is)




The kiddies

Hi all once again, after i had completed the mini session of the wonderful lady on the beach last weekend i had some spare time on my hands so I got the camera back out and got a few happy snaps of my kids. Photos like this in your own home will cost only $70.00 including travel and usb. Please note that travel only includes Hamilton and Warrnambool Victoria Australia, if you are wanting a sitting in your own home and you are outside these areas an additional travel fee of $10.00 per 10km block will apply. however if you decide to get some prints there is a discount and a further discount if you get 3 of your friends to book a sitting with me. Please also note there is a $20.00 booking fee payable upon booking or 7 days after booking to ensure your time and date you have given me cannot be booked again. the booking fee is taken off the price of the sitting so I take that as a deposit as well so all that’s left to pay would be $50.00 wich can be done $25.00 on the day of the shoot and another final payment of $25.00 on completion of the photos {In other words when you have the images in your hot little hands}

Another day at the beach this time in 2012!

Wow i havent been on here to update the official Tash Franko Photography blog, well here goes.

Last weekend I had the privilege to photograph this young woman at the beach, it was a splendid morning as it was going to be a scorcher of a day, what was supposed to be 30 mins at the beach taking the photos turned out to be well over an hour as both of us were having so much fun. The lady in the photos asked if she could pay a little bit extra and get the photos the same day so as i had too much fun taking the photos i felt energetic enough to edit them all in the same day as well. Now here was the catch Here at Tash Franko Photography we don’t give clients their images on a disc like all the other photographers out there do, we specialise in giving the client a usb {Depending on how many photos are to go on the usb determines the size of usb the client gets} ranging from as little as 1gb right through to the 10gb usb.

Please also note the usb is included in the photographers sitting price wich also includes editing and getting your images within 2 weeks of the photo shoot, However if you would like to do what the lady in these pictures did and get the photos the same day it will cost $90.00 in total. for a quick turn around with the work in less than one day.

Photos from the studio

This is tash franko photographys price list for all studio sessions for the rest of 2011.

Basic shoot 2 persons. Other people will be charged an additional $5.00
Includes all photos edited burnt to a disc. Max of 10 photos.
3 different poses as well as props. (Can bring your own)

simple shoot 2 persons. Other people will be charged an additional $5.00.
Includes all edited photos burnt to a disc. Max of 15 photos.
4 different poses as well as props. (Can bring your own)

Family photo’s max of 5 people (2 adults and 3 children) Additional people will be charged at $10.00
Includes all edited photos burnt to a disc. Max of 25 photos.
many different family poses etc…
– Children with mum
– children with dad
– children with other siblings
– children on their own.
– whole family together (Mum, Dad and Kids.)

If you would like prints or a canvas please speak to tash on the time of booking for a price list that is available. Please also note that prices are subject to change at any time. If its ok with the client there will be a sneak peek of all shoots done on this blog and on the tash franko photography facebook page.

To book your session today please contact tash
(03) 5577 8252 and leave a message.

A date with the {Beach}

I decided to take my sister down to my dr’s appointment and I also decided to take my camera along for the ride as well. My little sister needed some photos for her school work so I drove out to this wonderful setting “The Beach” just out of allansford victoria australia. I spent roughly thirty minutes photographing my sister as the subject incorporating the beach into the background. One of my all time favourite photos is of her sitting on a rock surrounded by water.

You to can have photos taken like this for just $100.00 including travel and photos burnt to a disc.
Now enough with me blabbing on about how good the photos are how about I show some to you now.

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